What is So.cl – should you jump in?

Microsoft has a new social media website.  Yes, another one to add to your growing list.

Currently, the site is in private beta and you need an invite to get it.  The site combines search and social media designed for students looking for research information.

At first, I didn’t find the site very intuitive.  As I play I’ve started to like it a little more, but not enough to replace my current core social media.  The best innovation, in my opinion, is the ability to select various search results and share them as a group.

When using the search feature you will find these groupings as part of your search results.   In other words, it an opportunity to find the best information already grouped together by others searching for the same information before you.

Another interesting feature is the video party concept.  Currently, I’ve not explored the video system in-depth.  My first impression is that this is a Microsoft variation of Google + hangouts.

What do you think?


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