What does walk off the earth mean to you? : Podcast 49

Podcast title: The Driven Business
Podcast online since July 2009
Hosts: Rosh Sillars, Greg Evans and Geoff McMahen
Time: 29:48
The Driven Business is a podcast powered by Synectics Media. Synectics Media is a Metro Detroit Michigan based integrated marketing firm. We focus on combining the best of traditional and online marketing. We share what works with our listeners.
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1) Whats new. News, updates and releases related to digital marketing:

  • A) Apple is worth more than Microsoft and Google combined
  • B) Linked in 150 million (and posting a profit)
  • C) 50 million views — walk off the earth
  • D) Nine mew languages for Google Analytics
  • E) Google + still growing
  • F) sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

2) Topics of the week – digital marketing and social media.

  • A) Linkedin opportunites
  • B) Rosh shares a business story about good business “The Film Story”
  • C) Email from Joy

3) App of Week: Name check namechk.com
4) Link of the week: 6 reasons you need to charge more
5) Action item: Up date your Linkedin account

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