I’m done trying to convince you

I’ve been doing this social media thing for a long time. It’s important. It works. I’m done trying to convince you.

Now that everyone has their voice back (taken by the mass media in the 20th century). Millions of people have claimed their turf as a VIP (very important person) in the social media. Join us, there is still room. There is no way the public is going give their voice back and hand it over to a few people with bigger microphones.

Because of the social media – everyone is a VIP.

From now on my job is to show you new and better ways to use the tools that we already know work. Some better than others and that is part of what we need to sort out.  If you still think social media is a waste of time click here for a special marketing tool that might be a better fit for your business.



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5 Responses to “I’m done trying to convince you”

  1. Dan Bailey Says:

    Hahahaha! Nice one, Rosh. Actually, when I first started out, I did use a typewriter to write up query letters and submission forms. I’m glad those days are over!

  2. Rosh Says:

    I thought it was great to see the typewriter people where using social media in their ad.


  3. Phoneywood Says:

    I’ve just begun and already realize that a little (well not so little) bit of work doubles your incoming visits.

  4. Rosh Says:

    I’ve certainly seen that the more you do the more you get out of blogging and social media.


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